Otep On Cynthia Nixon, DOMA, Equality


“Sex and the City” star provides fuel for
the anti-gay marriage forces with her ill-timed and ill-advised comments about
choice; our blogger responds.


Blurt Staff


band frontwoman and BLURT’s resident “Cultural Arsonist” Otep Shamaya, recently
spotted in our latest issue with her pro-99% “Happiness as Defiance” essay, has
just posted a new entry at her “Battle Ready” blog. In it, she take on actress
Cynthia Nixon, whose recent comments about sexuality and choice caused a
firestorm in both the gay and straight media.




a lot more to the discussion than a simple pro-/anti-choice debate, however. In
the essay, Shamaya brings up related issues about religion and race, along with
the basic proposition regarding “equal rights under the law” for every
American. As she argues, “If we use racial heritage as an example, during the
deplorable systematic scourge of Apartheid in South Africa, it was easier if a
black African looked like a white African and could blend in with the reigning
minority, but it did not stop them from being who they were. It was the result
of existing in and being confined to an abominable social construct and social
engineering of extreme discrimination. For a large portion of the gay and
bisexual population, this is exactly how they survive. They pretend to be
something they are not until, hopefully, they can find the courage to come out.
Some never do. Some will remain pretending for the rest of their lives.”


Shamaya’s call for compassion and equality are what come through the loudest. “Let
love permeate your soul and toughen your resolve,” she writes, addressing her
readership at large, gay or straight. “It gets better and better. I promise.”


the entire essay at Otep’s “Battle Ready” blog.



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