Oblivians Prep 1st Studio LP in 15 Years


Watch a live clip of
the band, below.


By Fred Mills


Okay, all you garage-skronk fiends, this note’s for YOU: late
yesterday the mighty In The Red Records label announced that they’ve inked a
deal with erstwhile Memphis
legends The Oblivians. Above you can see founding member Greg Cartwright (also
of Reigning Sound and the Report Cards) shaking hands with ITR’s Larry Hardy.


According to posts at the ITR Facebook page and the
corresponding Oblivians page, the following news was disclosed:


official; The Oblivians will be recording their first studio album since 19
97 next month and
In The Red is putting it out! Here’s Larry Hardy and Greg Cartwright shaking on
the deal.”


Kick ass. No additional details have been
disclosed yet, but they’re sure to come. Cartwright, along with fellow members
Jack Yarber and Eric Friedl, have done several short reunion tours in the last
few years, and you can check out a clip of them performing last August at Goner
Records. (21 additional clips can be pulled up if you follow the video to its
YouTube page.)




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