New James McMurtry Blog at Blurt

We can’t (and don’t)
make it here.


By Blurt Staff


One of our favorite bloggers (and musicians) is definitely
James McMurtry, and he’s just posted a new entry in his long-running “Wasteland
Bait & Tackle” BLURT blog
. This time around he takes a look at the erosion
of American competitiveness through the lens of outsourced international
slavery – and through the lens of his classic tune “We Can’t Make It.”


love to talk about fixing our country,” writes McMurtry. “The Tea Party wants
to ‘take our country back,’ from whom, or to what, I’m not sure. Such talk is
as naive as my song. The manufacturing jobs aren’t coming back here as long as,
elsewhere, there are people willing to enslave and masses of people desperate enough
to be willing to be enslaved. Fixing the country would not be enough anymore.
We’ll have to fix the world. It could take a while.”


the entire blog right here.


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