MP3 Premiere: New Chrome Cranks


“Rubber Rat” comes
from forthcoming platter Ain’t No Lies in Blood.


By Uncle Blurt


Okay, lissen up, pudz. We already filled you in on the
upcoming Chrome Cranks album, Ain’t No
Lies In Blood,
the NYC punk/noise-mongers’ first collection of new material
since 1997. If you need further updating of your mental hard drives, check out
this review
of their 2009 retrospective, The
Murder Of Time (1993-1996)
, in which Contributing Editor Jen Kelly
accurately pegged the band’s sound as “feral and primitive, all howled out
vocals and chainsaw bass and anarchic blues-derived guitar licks.”


So we’re dead chuffed, as our UK brethren might put it, to serve
up a teaser from the new rec, which drops Feb. 28, and was produced by Kevin
McMahon of Walkmen, Swans and Titus Andronicus infamy. The band? That would be singer/guitarist
Peter Aaron, guitarist William G. Weber, drummer Bob Bert, and bassist Jerry
Teel itchin’ to make your cranium throb…



THECHROMECRANKS “RubberRat” by Howlin’ Wuelf Media



[Photo Credit: Keith Marlowe]


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