M.I.A. Scores Big w/Super Bowl Flap

Most cynical ploy by
an artist to date of the new year. Watch the video clip, below.


By Perez Mills


As you may have heard, during the Super
Bowl’s halftime show
in which Madonna shook some serious ass, guest
vocalist M.I.A. showed her ass for flipping the bird during prime time TV. Some
media outlets are suggesting she uttered one or more obscenities, too, although
TMZ, which is reporting that M.I.A. may be “left holding
the bag if [Super Bowl broadcaster] NBC gets fined” (read: will be liable for
any attributable fines, based on the contract she signed before the
performance) had not indicated that’s the case.


Reports TMZ, “Sources tell us … aside from the fact that
the NFL doesn’t want to pay a huge fine, the organization wants to send a
message to performers — don’t you dare screw with us. We don’t know if the NFL
got a similar indemnity clause from Madonna.”


We would be inclined to say, hey, who cares about M.I.A. anymore
anyway… and hey, if you looked close, you’d swear that the other guest singer,
Nicki Minaj, almost flashed her coochie at one point. Still, M.I.A. obviously
gives a fuck about M.I.A., which means she realizes that here star has dimmed
considerably in the past couple of years thanks to a series of lunkheaded political
statements and the tepid response to 2010’s Maya album. This clearly was a calculated move on the part of M.I.A. and her
handlers because – drum roll, please – she has a new album due out in a few


She’s getting more advance publicity from the half-time
stunt than money (read: potential fines) can buy, period.


Here’s that Madonna halftime show, feat. M.I.A. It’s like a Pokémon
episode come to life or something. Following that is the excerpted M.I.A. clip in case you missed it at around the
8-minute mark in the whole thing.





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