Liz Phair-R. Stone Feud Re: Lana Del Rey


One good bitch-slap
deserves another…


By Perez Mills


Meow! Over the weekend the tastemakers at Rolling Stone had a hissy fit over the
fact that one-time RS darling Liz
Phair snubbed them in regards to a commentary they were putting together on
“controversial femme-popster” (read: “new Liz Phair”) Lana Del Rey. Phair also
pointedly made it clear that she wasn’t interested in participating in a
hit-piece on the singer, as she feels a kinship with her.


Offered RS: “[We] reached out to
the singer-songwriter/provocateur to share her thoughts on Lana Del Rey, who
has been as intensely loved and loathed by fans and media in recent weeks as
Phair herself was in the Nineties. Unfortunately for us, Phair said she wasn’t
interested in sharing her perspective on Del Rey. But she then penned an
op-ed on the subject for the Wall Street Journal.”


Yup. Phair made her stance clear at the WSJ, writing at the conservative-leaning paper’s Speakeasy blog, Rolling Stone asked me to speak about Lana
Del Rey. I wanted to know how big my participation in the piece would be-was it
substantial or just a quote? Just a quote, they said, to which I replied that I
wasn’t super interested. Which was a lie. I have a lot to say about her, but no
sound bites. You see, Lana Del Rey is exactly what I was hoping to inspire when
I took on the male rock establishment almost twenty years ago with my debut
record, Exile In Guyville.”


Wow – this is already more than we can process. Is there more going on that
we detect, like a left (Rolling Stone) versus right (Wall Street Journal)
thing? Will Liz Phair turn out to be the next Meghan McCain and pen op-eds
during the Republican National Convention while Jann Wenner & Co. attempt to take her down? Stay tuned!


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