Kim Fowley is Gravely Ill


But he hasn’t lost his
dark sense of humor… as the video below demonstrates.


By Fred Mills


Say the name “Kim Fowley” to any longtime music scenester
and you’ll provoke a knowing grin – the guy who discovered/formed the Runaways
and was a close to rock ‘n’ roll’s version of a real-life Zelig has always
gotten reactions. Sometimes negative, sometimes positive, but never with


So the rock impresario and provocateur is, as a number of
people suspected, very ill these days. Awhile back it was rumored that he was
on death’s door, and that may or may not be true. What is true, however, is
that he posted a video clip two days ago to YouTube that shows him in the
hospital preparing to have surgery for bladder cancer recall. It’s grim, but funny,
with Fowley pledging not to be defeated.


Godspeed, Kim.


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