Get Yr Cult On!


First studio album
since 2007. With Chris Goss in the mix, our 8-ball says “prognosis is good.”


By Blurt Staff


Groundhog Day looms, and look who just popped their heads up
to see their collective shadow: The Cult, with Choice of Weapon, the group’s first studio album in five years. It
was produced by Bob Rock and Chris Goss. It’s the followup to 2007’s Born Into This. The album is set for a May
22 release on the band’s new label Cooking Vinyl, At the band’s website – 
– the track “Lucifer” is now available as a free download teaser.





The album was written by Ian Astbury and Billy Duffy,
recorded in New York City, Los
Angeles, the California high
desert, and the band’s Witch
Mountain studio between
July and December 2011. The new release features founding members Astbury on
vocals and Duffy on guitars, with drummer John Tempesta and bassist Chris Wyse.
“We have had the opportunity to work with two of the most influential and
talented producers in the world today,” said Astbury, in a statement.
“They pushed us beyond our comfort zone.”


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