Celeb Chef Oliver Nabs Joy Division Tapes


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By Fred Mills

UK media outlets are reporting that Food Network’s resident Brit, celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, was renovating a building for a new restaurant in Manchester, England, when he discovered a trove of goodies and valuable in the basement – including what are being described as “rare Joy Division and New Order master tapes.”

Admittedly, this probably isn’t as exciting news as that Disney Corporation-bootlegs-Joy Division teeshirt deal a short while ago, but still… Oliver’s crew was digging up the basement of the building, which was a former Midland bank branch, and in addition to the tapes there were guns, gold and jewelry, all valued at about £1.1 million. Oliver turned over the discovery to British treasury officials.

No word yet on the actual contents of the tapes themselves, however… or who would be the original source of all the loot.



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