WTF?!? CNN Launches New Music Show



From the world’s news leader, natch. We’re just hoping that Wolf Blitzer gets his own Andy Rooney-styled segment.

By Blurt Staff

In the “bizarre news of the day” category, we have learned that CNN is launching a new half hour music show this weekend. It’s called SOUNDCHECK and will be anchored by Brooke
Baldwin – no, we have no idea who she is either. The first episode will be on CNN Saturday, Jan. 14 at 2:30pm est.

That installment features, admittedly, some solid acts: Wilco,
Mavis Staples, Mumford & Sons, Ben Sollee, and Janelle Monae (among others).
CNN advises, “This show is for music lovers and aficionados to hear from their favorite acts,
or up-and-coming talents they would love.”

So yeah, while CNN isn’t the most obvious place one things to turn to when seeking out a music fix, but hey, it’s bound to be better than Music Television itself, that reality show wasteland MTV…





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