Watt on fIREHOSE Reunion: "Our Best Shot"


Not quite ready to
commit to a new album yet but – “maybe down the road.” Watch a live video from
1991, below.


By Blurt Staff


The indie world was abuzz a couple of weeks ago when word got out that Mike Watt’s post-Minutemen band fIREHOSE would be reuniting to play
Coachella, and that eagerly anticipated performance would be preceded by a
two-week west coast tour kicking off April 5. This week at RollingStone.com Watt offered some details about the reunion, include these notes:


*”Edward [Crawford,
guitarist] asked me last year
if we would do some gigs again. I have to
kind of plan things in advance, because I have so much going on, and that third
opera, Hyphenated-Man, was coming out, so I said, ‘Edward, can we wait
until next year? I’m a little busy right now.’ The time opened up, so I said,
‘OK, let’s try and do some gigs.’


*”fIREHOSE in a way
was a little Minutemen ambassador.
fIREHOSE got much more exposure than the
Minutemen, at the time. And that’s why I think there are a lot of people
thinking about this, because of from their younger days, they remember seeing


*”For these two weeks of gigs, we’re just going to
try and play some of the old ones.
But he was talking about writing songs.
So, I don’t know – maybe down the road [ we’ll record new material].”


Read the entire interview at RollingStone.com.




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