Watch Flaming Lips-Neon Indian Live Video



Good reason to hire professional video crews for concert filming…

By Fred Mills

While multiple media outlets (including this breathless one) seem to be “freaking out” over the recently released video of the Flaming Lips collaborating with Neon Indian at the Lips New Year’s Eve show (NYE Freak Out #5, in Oklahoma City) for the track “Is David Bowie Dying?”, if you actually bother to check it out, the clip, frankly, sucks. Even by iPhone audience shot standards, the audio is murky and the video itself is basically just a bunch of shadows. But, as the saying goes, whatevs.

N.I.’s Alan Palomo apparently tweeted the clip yesterday to lend it indie legtimacy, however, so it’s hard to be too harsh. Meanwhile, though, you might want to check out a handful of other, potentially more interesting, videos from the same show, like this one:


Or this one:



Or even this one:



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