Video: Gender-bending new Ettes (Teeth)


What’s inside a girl,


By Fred Mills


Ever wonder what the gals in the Ettes look like backstage
when they are changing into their stage attire, fixing their makeup, etc.,
before a gig? Wonder no more – their new video for the song “Teeth” (off their
latest album Wicked Will, which
placed pretty high in the BLURT Top 50 Albums of 2011) will reveal all.


Well… sort of. As you shall see:





The video was directed by Poni Silver (of the Ettes) &
TM, and filmed/edited by Trevor White. Starring Jonas Stein (Turbo Fruits – as Coco Hames, Seth
Sutton (Useless Eaters –
as Poni Silver, and Jem Cohen as Himself. Shot at the Cannery Ballroom, Nashville Tennessee.


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