The Heavy: Nurtz to Newt’s Song Theft


Would YOU steal a song from a gal wielding an axe like that? Another politician who wishes he could have
licensed “Born In The USA”
bites the dust.


By Blurt Colbert


So we all dig UK funk/soul/garage combo The
Heavy, right? And their song “How You Like Me Now?” rocks, right? And everyone
knows that Republican presidential aspirant (rhymes with: expectorant) Newt
Gingrich is a major tool, right?


Figures, then, that the Newtster’s campaign would borrow the
tune for use at a recent political rally. As Prefix Mag is reporting, “You
think [politicians] would at least double-check with the artist and/or their
label first [before using music without permission]. But nope, they’re still
pulling shit like this, with the latest example coming four days ago during
Republic presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich’s rally in Tampa, Fla.”


Needless to say, The Heavy issued a statement condemning the


Counter Records/Ninja Tune artist The
Heavy has been wrongfully affiliated with a political campaign without their
consent. Their song ‘How You Like Me Now?’ was used – without permission – in
Newt Gingrich’s recent rally in Tampa
on January 23, 2012. The majority of media has mistakenly credited it as a Toby
Keith song of the same name. 


Counter Records/Ninja Tune would like
to officially state that The Heavy do not endorse this usage, nor do they wish
to be associated with any political party without consent. The band has
requested that this usage stops immediately. 



A Montreal music publishing company,
Third Side Music, has sent a cease-and-desist order to the Gingrich camp,
asserting its rights to the song in North America.
“Neither us, nor the band have particularly approved the usage of it,” said
Third Side’s Jeff Waye, to Montreal’s Global News.


As you probably know, the Keith track in question, “How Do You Like Me Now?”, would clearly be Newt-esque, or at least
highly Republican-esque, given TK’s right-tilting legacy. The Heavy tune,
however, would be awesome to hear at an Obama rally. Check out both original songs,



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