No Age Ripped off by Kings of Leon? Eh…


Well… you decide. See the
teeshirt images. Meanwhile, Mick Jagger is calling…


By Blurt Staff


Uh oh, bitch fight looming! Pitchfork is reporting this
morning that the indie world is all a-flutter, er, a-Twitter, over the Kings Of
Leon purportedly lifting one of their teeshirt logos – or, more accurately, the
layout and color scheme – to use on a tee they are selling in the UK. As noted
in the article, No Age posted images of the KoL tees along with the
t, “t shirt designs by the kings of originality… looking


Added Pitchfork, “No Age also tweeted, ‘Imitation is the highest form of what now?’ To
which Robin Pecknold of Fleet Foxes responded, ‘THEY ARE THE WORST’.”


Wait – what? Even though our musical tastes tilt in the direction of No
Age and considerably away from Kings Of Leon, we’re not inclined to wade into a
dust-up like this, other than to note that, as you can see from the teeshirt
images above and below, there are some notable differences in the lettering
fonts, and the Kings’ tee doesn’t even employ rainbow coloring – it’s just
orange, red and yellow.




Meanwhile, as long as we’re on this somewhat, um, fluid topic, check out the fonts,
coloring, etc. on the Rolling Stones CD cover, below. Food for thought, kids!


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