Kinney, Prophet Top Latest Blurt Poll


But overall the field
is as spread out as the GOP primaries were two months ago.


By Fred Mills


You voted, we listened. Er, looked. At the results, that is.
And frankly, while our initial polling query of, “Which of these upcoming new
releases are getting you all hot n’ bothered?” seemed promising, in the end the
percentages simply added up to 100% and didn’t mean much more than that.


We listed 20 new winter releases slated to hit stores
between Jan. 24 and Feb. 21, and at 10% and 9% respectively, Kevn Kinney (A Good Country Mile) and Chuck Prophet (Temple Beautiful)
were your fave raves. We already have reviews of the records set to run on the
website, and we’ve also assigned featured on Kinney and Prophet, so keep your
eyes peeled for those. In a big clusterfuck more-or-less tie for third place
were Leonard Cohen, Grimes, Mark Lanegan, Ruthie Foster, Mitch Ryder, the
Heartless Bastards and, er, Van Halen. We’ll let that latter lapse in taste
pass for now…


View the full results, below, then pop back over to the
BLURT homepage and vote in our newest poll in which we ask, in the wake of
Obama’s Al Green success, what songs should other politicians (living and dead)



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