Jack White For HC’s American Pickers


Hey, whatever happened
to eBay, Jack!?!


By Blurt Staff


Here’s some news you don’t get every day: Jack White is
going to appear on the History Channel’s popular nuevo junque program American
– you know, the one about those two garage sale ‘n’ junk yard scavengers
who occasionally unearth genuine buried treasure. It will air on HC on January
9 at 9pm ET.


Apparently White will host them at his Third Man Records
office in Nashville,
where they will pick through sundry White geegaws and memorabilia. The press
release we got said that one item up for grabs will be the photo booth that
White and the dead Weather used in their “Hang You From the Heavens” video,
which doesn’t seem to qualify for garage sale status – more like a Hard Rock Café
type curiosity – but should definitely net some serious coin for White one way
or another. Word has it that the booth will get swapped “in exchange for one of
the most “memorable” treasures ever to appear on the show.”


Pictured above is White surrounded by some of the stuff at
Third Man…



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