Incoming: New Loudon Wainwright III


Album arrives April


By Blurt Staff


Older Than My Old Man
Is Now
is the prophecy-fulfilling title of the upcoming album from veteran
troubadour Loudon Wainwright III. It’s due April 17 from 2nd Story
Sound Records and is the followup to 2010’s 10
Songs For the New Depression
as well as last year’s career-spanning box 40 Odd Years.


Of that collection, BLURT reviewer Steven Rosen noted, “The
singer-songwriters who came of age in the 1960s and early 1970s are the
Boomers’ major contribution to the Great American Songbook, and Loudon
Wainwright III ranks with the very best. How many have spent so long displaying
the guts Wainwright has shown in turning his family and professional life – its
failures and triumphs – into material for public consumption?
And how many have the talent to make such consistent, enduring art out of that


The new album finds the legendary Grammy-winning songwriter,
now 65 years old, reflecting on the fact that he’s older than his father ever
was, featuring contributions from all four of his children – Rufus and Martha
Wainwright, Lucy Wainwright Roche and Lexie Kelly Wainwright – as well as two
of their three mothers, Suzzy Roche and Ritamarie Kelly. 

While his musical career is well known, it’s less common knowledge that Loudon
is also an accomplished comedic actor, including parts in The 40-Year-Old
Virgin, Knocked Up and on M*A*S*H, as well as recent cameos in Undeclared and
Parks and Recreation.

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