Cleaners From Venus Getting Box Set


First three
cassette-only album to be augmented with bonus tracks, natch.


By Blurt Staff


Among aficionados of lo-fi, hi-quality UK pop with more than
a dose of British dry wit, musician/author/poet Martin Newell is considered
godlike, having launched his signature combo the Cleaners From Venus back in
1980 and additionally helming other beloved projects over the years (among
them, the Brotherhood of Lizards). His 1993 solo album The Greatest Living Englishman, produced by XTC’s Andy Partridge,
also remains one of that decade’s most memorable under-the-radar releases.
Revisit some of Newell’s glories, below.



Meanwhile, word recently arrived that the Captured Tracks label
has plans to release the first three Cleaners From Venus records – originally
issued only on cassette – as a remastered box set on CD, vinyl and download.
Coming March 13 are Blow Away Your Troubles (1981), On Any Normal
(1982), and Midnight Cleaners (1982). There will be a slew of
bonus tracks and a booklet featuring liners from Newell.


The Captured
Tracks blurb reads thusly: “Lol Elliott and Martin Newell, who together formed
the legendary lo-fi band Cleaners from Venus met in the small town of Wivenhoe, southeast England at the turn of 1980s.
Newell, a rock singer and part-time kitchen porter who’d left his band the
previous summer, and Elliott, a drummer and former hippy traveller, had much in
common. They shared a love of sunny 1960s pop music, punk rock and musical
comedy. Neither Elliott nor Newell cared much for any kind of musical rule
book, both were dismayed by the new right -wing politics which had now taken
over their country. Both were in their twenties, had time on their hands and
were keen to create something new.”


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