Bonnie Prince Billy Has Coffee Line


Bonny Billy Blend Kona
Rose Coffee is WOLFROY CERTIFIED ORGANIC ! See tour dates and a video below as


By Blurt Staff


Here’s a press release we can’t possibly rewrite or collapse
adequately, so we are leaving it 100% organic and intact…





The organic movement is finally real! It brings us a
caffeinated surge of pleasure to introduce to you the first-ever (and only)
Bonnie Prince-certified organic coffee. Up until now there were rules and rules
about how to get a product certified organic, but standards are for the birds.
And Bonny eats birds for breakfast. With coffee, goddamn. 


Along his travels Bonny somehow managed to find himself on
the island of Hawaii and met up with the Kona Coffee
people. After rigorous experiments with bean burning, granulated sugar
filtering, boll weevil cross pollination and button pressing (always the most
critical part of any operation, including our own. Lever-pullers, shut you
mouth!), this limited edition roast is ready to be bought (but mostly sold) right
here, right now
in the Drag
City interglobal


Each half pound of whole beans comes in a re-sealable black
bag complete with a one of a kind pink label to certify the clean body and
fresh finish (and deep paranoia) you expect from the Bonny brand. It tastes
best when paired with Wolfroy Goes To Town, available for purchase here,
but it’s also not bad with chewing gum, hash browns (or as we like to say,
hash, browns), garden heirlooms, sour patch gummies, cough drops, foodstuff,
ulcers, dandelions, hot dogs and turkey necks.


This “Bonny Billy Blend” from Kona Rose Coffee is
100% Kona Coffee certified Organic by HOFA. 100% Wolfroy certified, too.
Certified what is what you’ll have to buy the coffee to figure out.






Tour Dates:


1/24/12 Vooruit Gent Belgium

1/25/12 Hackney Empire London
United Kingdom

1/27/12 THE STRATHCLYDE SUITE Scotland United Kingdom w/ Nuala
Kennedy 1/29/12 The Fruitmarket Glasgow United Kingdom Celtic Connections

1/31/12 Vicar
Street Dublin Ireland

2/1/12 Cork Opera House Cork Ireland

4/26/12 Holmfirth Picturedrome Holmfirth United Kingdom w/
Trembling Bells 4/28/12 The Frog and Fiddle Cheltenham United Kingdom w/
Trembling Bells 5/2/12 Acorn Arts Centre Penzance United Kingdom w/ Trembling

5/4/12 The Bullington Arms Oxford
United Kingdom
w/ Trembling Bells





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