Bitchin’ Brew: Miles Davis Gets Stamp!


The Dark Magus rises.
Up next: Johnny Thunders.


By Fred Mills


It’s not every day a horn-blowin’, heroin-shootin’, woman-punchin’
jazz icon gets a stamp in his honor, but that’s exactly what appears to be in
the works with the United States Postal Service. Rolling Stone is reporting that this year Miles Davis “will be immortalized in a collection of
musically-themed stamps that will also honor the singer Edith Piaf… in
partnership with the French postal service, La Poste.”


“This is a fitting honor,” said Lee Barham,
chairman of the steering committee for the Miles Davis Jazz Celebration.
“Before Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley, there was Miles Davis.”


already know what stamps we will be affixing to our official BLURT Christmas
cards next year. Of course, this isn’t the first time to the well for Davis vis a vis a stamp,
internationally speaking:


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