Avett Brothers Wrapping New Album


Back to the Nineties
for some grunge, boys.


By Fred Mills


Avett Brothers fans could be forgiven for scratching their
heads and wondering where the hell is the followup to 2009’s Rick
Rubin-produced I And Love And You. 2 ½
years is a long time between records and the Avetts had previously been
cranking ‘em out at a rate of at least once a year, if you count the various
live releases and EPs.


Never fear: as Rolling
is reporting today,
the band has cut 20+ songs (with input, though
not hands-on production, from Rubin; they recorded in Asheville and he remained
in L.A. then met with them later to discuss things) and say they are “right at the
finish line” in terms of having the followup album ready. According to RS the
album is a mixture of “harmony-rich acoustic ballads” and aggressive rockers,
with one track, “Paul Newman Versus the Demons” being describe as “very
Nineties rock – what you could call grunge.”




No title or release date has been announced yet.



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