Watch New Ting Tings Video; LP Due March


Inspired by the
Beastie Boys’ Paul’s Boutique, eh? Check out the video for new single below.


By Blurt Staff


It’s hard to guage just yet whether or not the sophomore
album from Britain’s Ting Tings (Jules De Martino and Katie White), titled Sounds From Nowheresville (Columbia) and
due out in the US in March (exact date tba), will rank among the proverbial “highly
anticipated” releases of 2012. Since their much-buzzed, heavily-hyped,
Grammy-nominated 2008 debut We Started
, featuring hit singles “That’s Not My Name,” “Shut Up And Let Me
Go” and  “Great DJ,” a lot of the buzz
and hype has definitely subsided. And 4 years in the modern era is an eternity;
everyone’s moved on to, like Deadmau5 or something.


At any rate, here’s what we are being told about the band
and the album:


“The Ting Tings have
fought a hard battle to find themselves back at square one: emotionally,
earnestly and even for a moment, geographically. Despite their mainstream
success, they aimed to stay true to the punk ethos that had always defined and
inspired the music they created together. 
A year and half after making a record (in East Berlin) and scrapping
it,  and making another one (in Southern
Spain) and loving it, they are ready to share what they’ve been fashioning with
their fans. The move from the thawing ice of Berlin
that homed the writing to their first global onslaught to the dustbowl of late
Spring in Murcia, Southern Spain, proved a success and the band were
instantly enthused and cranked into fourth gear.


“At the start of 2011,
The Ting Tings were pointed in the direction of the unequivocal classic Beastie
Boys album, Paul’s Boutique. Having played the record many times before, they
were overawed when they delved back into the album and discovered its many
nuances. If they needed a bounce-off point to set their muse free, this was it.
What they had learned most implicitly was a freedom to move around musically.
Hence the title: Sounds From Nowheresville.  Musically, the album has
really let The Ting Tings rip.”



The current press release goes on to namecheck, in addition
to the Beasties, the likes of OMD, the Tom Tom Club, the Rezillos and, uh, TLC.
Well, 4 out of 5 ain’t bad! First single “Hang It Up” is billed as displaying “their
new, expansive palette, set against a firing two chord guitar riff,” so check
it out, below (it actually does sound like Beastie Boys in place), along with a
Bag Raiders remix for the track “Silence.”


A tour is being planned for next spring as well.





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