Video: Tom Maxwell’s Occupy-Theme Xmas


Tom Maxwell (late of Squirrel Nut Zippers) & the Minor Drag invoke
the ghost of Marley – Jacob, not Bob – for bone-chilling results. Bankers of America, your
mission is clear.

By Fred Mill

Former Squirrel Nut Zippers
leader Tom Maxwell just released a brand new Christmas song “Jacob
Marley” (it’s on iTunes). It’s the first Christmas song he’s released
since the Zippers’ Christmas album back in 1998, and he also filmed a video for
it, recorded live on November 26 at The Murphey School, Durham NC. We at BLURT are big TM fans and are stoked to show ya the clip right here:


Tom Maxwell and The Minor Drag “Jacob Marley” from All Aces Media on Vimeo.


Here’s some info from Tom on the track:

“I wrote ‘Jacob Marley’ after the economy tanked and the banks got bailed
out.  It was a disaster – and ripoff – of almost mythic proportions.
 In the song, cultural icons like Brother Rabbit (a nod to the trickster
character Br’er Rabbit from the Uncle Remus stories) and Jacob Marley
(Scrooge’s dead business parter and spiritual benefactor in A Christmas Carol) appear but can’t
change the situation.  

“Extraordinary problems require extraordinary solutions, and I believe the
Occupy movement and the social and political consciousness it represents is our
last and best hope.  Jacob Marley may not come back again, but we can
handle this one on our own.”


Video credits:

Tom Maxwell – vocals, guitar
James Wallace – piano
Mark Simonsen – vibraphone
FJ Ventre – string bass
Evans Nicholson – drums

Engineered and mixed by Thom Canova; Filmed by Andy Coon, Blake Faucette and
Nic Beery; Edited by Andy Coon



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