Video: Thievery Corp-Mr. Lif Tip Occupy Movement


“Unified Tribes” aimed
at offering a morale boost to the Occupiers.


By Blurt Staff


Thievery Corporation has released “Unified Tribes,” their
new single and video featuring Def Jux alum Mr. Lif.  In the spirit of their last collaboration,
Culture of Fear, “Unified Tribes” is a dedicated to the Occupy Wall Street
movement and its offshoots.





“This song, ‘Unified Tribes’ is our attempt to offer inspiration, energy, & hopefully a
morale boost to the Movement as it will take persistence and resilience to
bring about change to the collective consciousness of our culture,”
explains Mr. Lif.


“We’ve been so fortunate to link up with Mr. Lif,”
says Thievery Corp’s Eric Hilton. “He has a revolutionary spirit in the
purest, most humane sense; and the world needs more of his conscious approach
to hip-hop.”


Adds Mr. Lif, “My music has largely been fueled by a
desire for increased understanding of human nature and the world we live in.
The Occupy movement is important to me because it is the people’s massive
response to the unsavory aspect of human nature known as greed. Occupiers have
come together in an attempt to bring
about better conditions for the many as opposed to the few.”


Mr. Lif has also been in D.C. with the group working on his
new material. His next full-length LP will be co-produced by Thievery
Corporation and released on ESL Music in 2012.




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