Video + Review: New Pterodactyl

It’ll make your eyes


By Blurt Staff


With their new album Spills
still fresh in stores, Pterodactyl is touring and has also just released
a video from the album, which was just reviewed here at BLURT. Our astute
commentator observed, “Pterodactyl comes out of a noisy, aggressive, art-punk
tradition, a white noise enclave of tortured guitars and rapid-fire drum
rampages. Their third album, Spills Out, downplays frenetic energy for
layered vocals, harmonies, tunes and a nod towards pop…In a year when dozens of
bands are channeling Animal Collective and more than a few dipping into Grizzly
Bear-Bon Iver-Fleet Foxes style harmonies, Pterodactyl punches up the ante. Spills
swathes its prickly energies in soft, ear-friendly cotton candy,
balancing bite and sweetness, urgency and pretty reassurance.”


Titled “The Break,” both the song and the video are trippy
as hell:





According to the band, the
video was made from about 1,500 still photos taken in all sorts of varied
situations: on tour in the US
and Europe, at home in New York, in California with family, in Bali…


“It’s kind of a
hyper-scrapbook, where life flashes before your eyes at five photos a second,”
they explain. “Some items featured in the photos include: a Prince record
cover, a Balinese gamelan orchestra, shows at Death By Audio and Silent Barn in
Brooklyn and the Smell in LA (among others), Joe’s two nephews, a physics
demonstration lighting up a piece of pencil lead with 5 amps of electric
current, a used condom in the street, a graveyard in New Orleans, a crack in
their van’s windshield…


“The song itself is about
quitting your job, and the inevitable flood of free time that comes as a
result. Inevitably, most of this time is spent alone, which is both an awesome
blessing and a huge challenge.  Surfing is like a perfect little peaceful
haven for solitude. It’s like a vacation from having to think about what you
should be doing at that moment because you’re only supposed to be doing that
one thing.  No matter how badass a surfer you are (or aren’t) it’s always
just about trying to focus on that activity.”


Tour Dates:


Tuesday, Dec. 6 – Fargo, ND –
The Aquarium

Thursday, Dec. 8 – Milwaukee @ Frank’s Power

Friday, Dec. 9 – Chicago, IL
@ Empty Bottle

Monday, Dec. 12 – Montreal,
QC @ Reserve Phonique

Wednesday, Dec. 14 – Winooski, VT
@ Monkey House

Thursday, Dec. 15 – Northampton, MA
@ Flywheel

Friday, Dec. 16 – Brooklyn, NY @
Knitting Factory


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