Video Premiere: New stephaniesid


Multiply” taken from
Tarheel band’s recent album Starfruit.


By Blurt Staff


Very stoked to present this brand new video from one of our
favorite NC bands, stephaniesid of Asheville
(who were also one of BLURT’s “Best Kept
Secret” picks
a couple of years ago). Titled “Multiply,” it’s a tune from their
4th full-length Starfruit (Nine
Mile Records) and it filmed by Michael Oppenheim and directed/edited by frontwoman
Stephanie Morgan.





Appearing in the clip are Aislin Freya Pax Thompson, Billy
Sheeran, Daisy Benshoff, Jonathan Scales, Rachel Harris, Isaac Richmond, and
Xandy Chelmis.


Music: Chuck Lichtenberger & Stephanie Morgan

Lyrics: Stephanie Morgan

Vocals/synth:  Stephanie Morgan

Rhodes:  Chuck

Guitar:  Jonathan Pearlman

Violin:  Sarah Hurd

(Go to the official stephaniesid website for more info on
the band, music and videos.)


Lyrics to “Multiply”:

i stick out like a sore thumb when
i am myself but i’d rather see a lot of sore thumbs than all the ho-hum ho-hum
i got brains with a bright orange tan i’m a-carrying jelly beans enough for
everyone & i’ll still have some for myself ‘cause they multiply all that is
me i can be more


Morgan offered these words, about the Starfruit album (which you can check out
on Bandcamp

“this record is the theme music to a
universe. it was born over months & months of begging, deep in the bowels
of the home, underground in its basement, excavating echoes & running them
backward through reverb machines. dehydrated, hazy-eyed. craving fruit. into
the dim passed the offering of nine brilliant musicians, gamely entrusting a
house-recording experiment with their gorgeously crafted intonations. track by
track, a mouthwatering other-world reached into materialization, hovering a few
feet above some cheap microphones, a laptop,
& the pit of the stormy sea. only some of its characters are mortals; all
sport coquettish dance moves or baskets of pineapples. in this universe, it is
good etiquette to make friends with the unlikelies, & to serve them
yam-blood candy out of your ripped floral handbag. in this hopeful place, it is
customary to eat fruit in the shape of stars.”

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