Vid: Full 3hr 12-21 Guns N’ Roses Show


Band performed Dec. 21
in L.A.


By Fred Mills


Why yes, yes – that IS Axl Rose above, looking like a somewhat
portly cross between Jim Morrison, Kid Rock and the homeless guy who hangs
around near the entrance of Walgreens, asking for spare change so he can get
his “prescription filled.” No matter
– it’s also proof that the Guns N’ Roses mainman is alive and well and still
willing to kick out the jams.


The Gunners performed Dec. 21 at the Forum in L.A., and
needless to say the video cameras were out in force, including one wielded by a
YouTuber going by the handle “Mraxlfuckinrose1985,” appropriately enough (he’s obviously
a big GNR fan, given that name, and he’s also got a slew of Slash videos posted
to his YouTube channel).


The entire show has been uploaded, if you can believe that. There
are plenty of rough spots here and there, but the video also appears to be the
result of multiple cameras and some quick but serviceable post-event editing.
The sound, for its part, is above-average bootleg quality and quite listenable.
Take a look quick, before it gets taken down… Oh, in case you were wondering: “Sweet Child O’ Mine” kicks in at about the 1 hour and 25 minute mark…




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