UPDATE Grinderman Breaks Up?



UPDATE, DEC. 15: In an interview published yesterday at Faster & Louder, drummer Sclavunos confirmed the breakup, explaining, 
“What happened at Meredith was more a bye-bye than an announcement. An
announcement would be like a press release but who knows what will
happen in five or 10 years time. My crystal ball is a bit low on
batteries at the moment so I can’t predict what the future of Grinderman
is – if there is a future.”


Not-so-cryptic remark made by Nick Cave from the stage.

By Blurt Staff

Billboard reports that Grinderman, which Nick Cave and Warren Ellis formed as a Bad Seeds sideproject in 2006,  have played their “last show together” – apparently Nick Cave was performing Sunday at Australia’s Meredith Music Festival, and at the end of the set Nick Cave grabbed the mic and announced, “That’s it
for Grinderman. It’s over. See you all in another 10 years when we’ll be
even older and uglier.”


In addition to Cave and Ellis the band included Bad Seeds’ Jim Sclavunos plus Martyn Casey. Ellis’ other band, the Dirty Three, announced last week they had a new album due shortly and would be resuming touring activities.




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