Trevor Jackson Serves Up Metal Dance


Output Recordings founder makes a mighty DJ roar.


By Blurt Staff


Following the Strut label’s
excavation of Factory Records with Fac. Dance, Strut digsfurther
into the under-explored world of industrial & post-punk dance floor
material with Metal Dance, a new compilation from one of the UK’s
most respected DJ / producers, the man behind Playgroup and original
founder of the legendary Output Recordings, Trevor Jackson.


Drawing on specials that have
peppered his DJ sets for over two decades, Jackson mines deep and hones in a time when
socialist realist aesthetics and dark machine funk collided explosively during
the ‘80s. Much of the album touches on EBM, “Electronic Body Music,” a phrase
coined by Ralf Hütter of Kraftwerk for the dancefloor-oriented sounds that
emerged as the industrial influences of Cabaret Voltaire and Throbbing Gristle
locked horns with European synth-punk and new wave electronics. Led by bands
like DAF and Front 242, a slew of disciples
followed, from Nitzer Ebb to
great underground bands like Analysis, Naked Lunch and Portion Control.


Jackson cherry-picks classics and
rarities from this era, including a new edit of Fini Tribe favourite ‘De Testimony’, the cold dance of Analysis’ ‘Surface Tension’, Neon’s dark ‘Voices’,
re-interpreting a Master C&J riff from the early days of Chicago house, and
hard-hitting dubs from Honey Bane, Alien Sex Fiend and Factory
Records band Stanton Miranda.
Herein lie cold wave sounds that have heavily influenced today’s crop of
artists – from LCD Soundsystem and The Knife to Factory Floor and Hot Chip.


Elsewhere on the album, Jackson
brings in unexpected gems – a track from cult John Carpenter film ‘Escape From
New York’ re-edited by Klein & MBO’s Mario Boncaldo, a lost album track by avant garde Spanish
artist Diseno Corbusier and
a UK promo-only mix of Yello’s post-punk
workout ‘You Gotta Say Yes To Another Excess’.



Following his award-winning
graphic design work for Soulwax and fresh from projects with Lexus and Italian
clothing brand Stone Island, Jackson
draws on his talents as graphic designer with some striking package graphics
on Metal Dance, the front cover pictured above.




CD 1


1. The
Bubblemen – The Bubblemen Are Coming

2. 400
Blows – Pressure (Club Pressure)

Cabaret Voltaire – Seconds Too Late

4. Neon
– Voices

5. Pete
Shelley – Witness The Change (Dub version)

Executive Slacks – The Bus (EP version)

Analysis – Surface Tension

Nitzer Ebb – Control I’m Here (Clouston’s Controlled Edit)

9. DAF –
Brothers (Mix Gabi)

Portion Control – The Great Divide (Dub)

11. Stanton Miranda – Wheels
Over Indian Trails (Dub)

12. Jah
Wobble – Invaders Of The Heart (Exotic Decadent Disco mix)

13. SPK
– Metal Dance

14. Fini
Tribe – De Testimony (Collapsing Edit)


CD 2


1. Alien
Sex Fiend – Under The Thunder (Ignore The Dub)

Einsturzende Neubauten – Yü-Gung (Adrian Sherwood mix)

3. Mark
Stewart – Fatal Attraction (Contagious)

4. Hard
Corps – Je Suis Passee (Dub)

5. Naked
Lunch – Slipping Again

Secession – Touch (Part 4)

7. The
Cage feat. Nona Hendryx – Do What Ya Wanna Do (Dub version)

8. Yello
– You Gotta Say Yes To Another Excess (UK promo mix)

9. John
Carpenter & Alan Howarth – The Duke Arrives – The Barricade / The President
At The Train (Extended version)

Ledernacken – Amok!

Severed Heads – Dead Eyes Opened

Honey Bane – Guilty Dub

Diseño Corbusier – Golpe De Amistad


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