St. Etienne Releases Super-Limited 7” EP


Just in time for the
holidays, natch.


By Blurt Staff


beloved dance-popsters St. Etienne are returning to the Xmas well again this
year with a 7″ 4-song EP titled, sensibly enough, Xmas ’11 EP. It will include three songs from last year’s A Glimpse of Stocking CD: “No Cure for
the Common Christmas,” “Welcome Home” and “Unwrap Me” – plus the new,
previously unreleased “Santa’s False Teeth,” which the band describes as “our
festive update on the old Denim Classic “Grandad’s False Teeth.”


They add, “The artwork is exquisite, and the production
values are as high-end as you’ve come to expect. It also comes with a SIGNED
Christmas card. Aren’t we lovely?”


The catch, though, is that it’s a super-limited edition of
just 1,000 copies, and it will be on sale starting Monday, Dec. 5, at 5pm
(GMT), so don’t sit on your hands if you’re a fan and collector unless your
idea of a good time is trolling eBay for expensive SE rarities.


St. Etienne is currently
working on a new album, with details to be announced soon; they’ve already just
about finished up a “rather fine disco number” titled “Popular” with Rob Davis. And as long as we’ve got “Christmas” and “disco” on our minds, let’s watch this vintage live video clip of St. Etienne’s “I Was Born On Christmas Day”… yes, that IS Tim Burgess up there singing with Sarah…


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