Sole & Skyriders Team w/Carla Bozulich


Band premieres
new Challenger EP this week.


By Jennifer Kelly


Sole and the Skyrider Band, hot off this year’s Hello Cruel World, have teamed with
Evangelista’s Carla Bozulich for a new EP Challenger



The title track, streaming
now at Soundcloud
, commemorates the 1986 Challenger space shuttle
disaster.  Challenger broke apart just
over a minute into its flight, killing all seven of its crew members, including
Christa McAuliffe, a New Hampshire
science teacher selected as the first Teacher in Space.  Because McAuliffe was a teacher, many schools
were tuned to NASA TV for the launch, so that an extraordinary number of school
children, by some accounts, 48% of nine- to 13-year olds, watched the tragic



Challenger EP by Sole & The Skyrider Band by sole…


The song, “Challenger” reflects the dark, technologically
dystopian subject matter, with booming, deep-space percussion and eerie washes
of spectral sound.   Sole’s verses
connect the innocent, knowledge-seeking space program with the more paranoid,
information-and-power obsessed technologies of today, while Bozulich keens
dramatically about skies lit up and boys with sad eyes. 


The EP Challenger is out this week on Fake Four Records




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