Post-Xmas Gift: Iggy Pop Action Figure

Anatomically correct
where it counts – just like Barbie’s boobs.


By Fred Claus


Hey kids! Itching to burn through that Toys ‘R Us gift card
you got from Aunt Effie for Christmas? Or just needing to go to the mega-store
and exchange some of the wack junk that your parents gave you so you can score
some real swag? (For some reason adults still seem to think that Leap Pad, with
its “educational” element, makes for a fun experience, not realizing that in
2011, kids are looking to see iPads and iPod Touches under their trees.)


Well, we have the perfect thing for you: an Iggy Pop Action
Figure, by NECA. For just a mere $13.98 you too can have a replica of the
original streetwalkin’ cheetah, in all his tight-jeaned (so tight you can check
out his “package,” yo), bare-chested glory. He’ll make your Batman or Band toys
look positively tubercular by comparison.


According to the manufacturer, “The godfather of punk, the
legendary Iggy Pop is finally immortalized in action figure form. This highly
detailed figure stands 6 3/4″ tall and comes with microphone and display
stand.” Additional accessories, such as peanut butter jar, sold separately.


Oddly, at the Toys ‘R Us product page, some “related items”
that you might also want to consider include a Hannibal Lecter Action Figure, a
Freddie Krueger Replica Glove, and an Iron Maiden “Killers” Action Figure.


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