Occupy Gene Simmons!


Mark a big “G” for “Genedetta”…


By Blurt Staff


Sometimes having the biggest mouth, the fattest bankroll and
the largest stash of chutzpah still
isn’t enough to make you immune from life’s little inconveniences – such as
having your website thoroughly disrupted by hactivist group Anonymous. Kiss
bassist Gene Simmons, you will recall, had exactly that happen to him about a
year ago, in October of 2011, not once by twice in Anonymous-spawned
denial-of-service campaigns, after thoroughly pissing off the hackers. (Gee,
who hasn’t Simmons pissed off at some
point or another?)


Yesterday, though, Kevin Poe, of Manchester, Conn.,
was arrested and arraigned on federal charges related to the Simmons hack,
according to a report by Billboard.com, which noted, “Poe used a computer
program favored by Anonymous that sends extremely large requests over a network
in an attempt to overwhelm a target computer, according to the indictment.”


Poe had been indicted in Los Angeles on a count of conspiracy and a
count of “unauthorized impairment of a protected computer.” He was released on
$10,000 bond and could face up to 15 years in prison.




Meanwhile, back in June, Simmons also predicted that Obama
would prevail in the 2012 Presidential election, but he’s been generally quiet
on developments since then. Maybe he’ll blog about the political race on his


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