New Phone App: Locator for Record Stores

Vinyl junkies enter
the digital age finally…


By Blurt Staff


A free app (iPhone & Android) has been developed by Tim
Broun along a developer called Shoutem and music blog, The Vinyl District. Its
called The Vinyl District Record Store Locator, and is a simple but effective
app in that it that offers a feed of updates from the blog, but also offers a
GPS-based record store locator.


Basically, say you’re on vacation or visiting another city
and wandering around looking to score some music swag during the trip. Punch
the “All Stores” icon and you’ll get directions to the nearest crate-digging
emporium. It’s also set up so you can share your finds on social networks,
naturally, and if you have fresh info about a store that needs to be added to
the database, you can do that as well.


This appears to be the first of its kind available in
the US.
The app is available internationally, and the developers indicate they are adding
new stores everyday. Oh yeah – did we mention it’s free? Cool, huh?



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