NC Musician Rodney Lanier R.I.P.


Much-loved artist’s
bands included Jolene and Sea
of Cortez.


By Fred Mills/Photo by Daniel Coston


Since three of the main BLURT staffers (and several
contributors) live in North Carolina,
it always hits us hard when we learn we’ve lost a fellow Tarheel. On December
, Charlotte
musician Rodney Lanier, 44, passed away following a battle with cancer.


Lanier played with a number of bands over the years,
including the acclaimed Jolene, while more recently he’d been fronting
instrumental rock powerhouse
Sea of Cortez. (You can
hear a SoC track below.) The outpouring of grief and love at the news of his
death was profound, and contributor John Schacht, also the editor of
Charlotte-based Shuffle magazine, penned
a moving remembrance of Lanier
well-worth reading.


Schacht wrote, in part, “Whenever I did get out to [Charlotte venue] Evening
Muse when Rodney worked the door, one of the highlights – sometimes the only highlight – was shooting the shit with him. About the bands we were
respectively geeking out on, about Sea
of Cortez’s latest
goings-on, about the insane asylum known as the music business, about books and
movies, about women past and present. And those bull sessions would always be
punctuated by his infectious laugh, a blend of a big man’s guffaw and a
smoker’s cackle, always accompanied by his mischievous cockeyed grin. He liked
to good-naturedly stir shit up, too, and I heard plenty about the practical jokes
he got up to. More than once I found myself in tears on the street in front of
the Muse because I was laughing so hard. I find myself again in tears now, but
for all the wrong reasons….”


Amen. Lanier will be deeply missed.


Paquito by Sea of Cortez

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