MP3: Swedish Newcomer Soso


Album arrives next


By Blurt Staff


Soso, the latest talented songbird to be exported from Sweden, will
have her delightfully-titled debut album  That
Time I Dug So Deep I Ended Up In China
released early next year, and
we’ve got an advance taste of it for you. Check out “Who’s Gonna Love Me”:



Who’s Gonna Love Me by You Can Call Me Soso


A few details to fill you in as you listen to the track:


*The process of her recording has been totally limited to
her bedroom in her apartment in Stockholm.
In it, she has written and self-produced every track on the album. Every video
and photograph has been shot by her boyfriend in her apartment or backyard. She
directed and edited them all herself  and claims that her press shots
were taken in her bathroom (see above).


*The album title has a suitable double meaning as China is
the furthest, most foreign destination she could think of in contrast to the
familiar and to stay true to her theme she has played around a lot with
traditional Chinese instruments in her electronic productions. Soso also
remembers her mother saying to her, while playing in the sandbox as a child;
“Soso, if you keep digging like that, you’ll end up in China!”


*The record features a number of preludes and semi-instrumentals,
including titles “Every Man I Love Has Got A Girlfriend,” “Everything Near
Becomes Distant” and “Sab Lackath”. The latter, an anagram for Black
Sabbath, is a track in which Soso recorded herself crying and edited
it into a rhythmic beat. There is also an interpretation of Cody
Chestnutt’s “My Women, My Guitars” on the record, in which Soso sings
the lyrics “I’ve Got A Dick Full Of Blood And A Wide Open Heart To Lean On”
as if it was the most natural thing in the world.



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