MP3: Pontiak Shifts Gears

Virginia-based power
trio opts for new approach on
February 21st album, due on Thrill Jockey.


By Blurt Staff


Pontiak has been one of the more prolific indie artists in
recent years, cranking out a new record each year since 2006. But for their
upcoming record they completely re-envisioned their approach to song
writing.  Eschewing the “plug and play” approach of their
previous records (recording hours of jams and then just putting together the
best pieces), they set out to record a proper album, one with a shared mood and
direction.  They rebuilt their entire farmhouse studio in the


The result is Echo Ono and probably one of their most
straightforward and concise records to date.  Their influences are still
present (little bit of Sabbath, little bit of Doors, little bit of southern
rock) but they sound more like themselves then ever before.  If you like
guitar rock – not that limp guitar indie-pop that we can’t seem to get away
from nowadays – that hits hard but isn’t completely lost in a haze of punk
noise or metal posturing, then this note’s for you, pal.



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