Most Awesome Teeshirt Ads… Ever!


We’ll take a Lemmy, a Grohl, a Bruce, and two Angus babies…

By Blurt Staff

So we’re thumbing through the latest issue of Britain’s Uncut mag (December, with the Tom Waits cover – not so coincidentally, Waits is our Best Album of the Year 2011 recipient), and in the back of the book, directly across from those XXX Live Sex Chatline ads that we are fond of, uh, analyzing, was a colorful ad for Bathroom Wall teeshirts. The ad depicts ‘toon stylizations of Dave Grohl and Bruce Springsteen in a kind of Beavis & Butthead motif; for some reason, Frank Zappa is hanging upside down in the corner of the picture too.

At any rate, while we’re not certain if we can afford to order our rock tees all the way from England – particularly since we can order ’em direct from our very own Blurt merchandise store and not worry about airmail postage –  the British company does have some awesome designs and even awesomer ads. For no better reason than we told you to, check out a few of ’em, below.





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