Kanye West Tops Blurt Magazine Poll

Er, it’s not exactly
the poll you were probably thinking of, however…


By Fred Mills


We asked, you squawked: a couple of weeks ago we heard about
Perry Farrell causing Brazilian music fans to get up in arms over some comments
he made
to a reporter regarding their general lack of savvy about music. OOPS! Perry later backpedaled, somewhat,
but not before the news raced around the internet faster than a plate of olives
through an alcoholic’s intestines. Naturally, then, our thoughts turned to
other notable verbal gaffes that rock stars have made over the years, going all
the way back to when Frank Sinatra famously condemned the then-nascent rock ‘n’
roll music and John Lennon’s ill-advised (though misinterpreted) comments about
the Beatles being bigger than Jesus, all the way up to the near-present, with
both rapper Tyler, The Creator and the always-up-for-a-provocative-quote
Courtney Love uttering choice gay slurs on record and from the concert stage.


In between, of course, were such gems as spewed by Elvis
Costello (using the ‘N’ word in 1979), Bob Dylan (dismissing women as credible
performers in 1987), and even Limp Bizkit motormouth Fred Durst (on why he didn’t
bother to vote in the 2008 elections). Role models all!


So we polled the BLURT readership on who among the
aforementioned, and several others, deserves to be inducted into the
Foot-In-Mouth Hall of Fame. It was no friggin’ contest: Kanye West ran away
with it, taking a whopping 27% of the tally. Although to be honest, since he
was nominated on the basis of “anything” he spouts off about rather than some
specific misdeed, perhaps the deck was stacked. But screw it; this is our poll,
not yours.


To that end, your friendly neighborhood BLURT came in, uh, 2nd in the online poll (for “creating dumb online polls” – hey pal, if they’re so
dumb, howcum you be votin’ in ‘em week after week, har har…), although it was a
distant 15% to Kanye’s 27%. But the ever-reliable Elvis Costello was nipping at
our heels thanks to that notorious ‘N’ word incident, nabbing 13%. And he
thought that he had finally lived it down with the passage of time… no way,


View the complete results below, and don’t forget to vote in
our new poll in which we ask you to pick your favorite album of 2011.



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