Justice/Facebook: Let’s Talk Nude Recs

Sometimes a tit’s just
a tit, Dr. Freud…


By Fred Banger


Goodness gracious mon freres, we leave our desk for a few hours
and all hell breaks loose like boobs from a halter top on the music-biz web. To
wit: Pitchfork is reporting on the kerfluffle surrounding the new single from
Justice (who are featured, incidentally, in the current issue of BLURT). Titled
“On’n’On” and released by the Ed Banger label, it depicts a naked woman
lounging at the edge of some kind of excavation/construction pit, with the
signature Justice cross at least as prominent as the, er, young lady’s assets. Not sure what going on with that right hand.


Apparently when in the course of standard promotion of the
single via social networking, the record label quickly discovered that fans had gotten
steamed about the (presumably) sexist nature of the record sleeve – and Facebook
had also gotten into the act, deleting the image. In response, Ed Banger posted
this comment to the label’s Facebook page (and quickly generated 2,571 “likes”
and 99 “shares”:


For some reasons, some of our
“fans” complained about the nude girl on the Justice new single
cover…. Facebook deleted the photo and sent me some warnings emails…

Let’s play a new game my friends,
please oh please stop following us, let’s get less fans, we don’t need you
here. It’s time to make a choice, if you don’t trust us, you should not waste
your time with such a shitty label right ? To the other ones, those who are
following us since day one, those discovering us now, let’s stay strong, ED REC
is soon 9 years old, thanx to you.


Funny – and those of you at least slightly past puberty may
recall this too – how this sort of controversy pops up every few years. We’re
lookin’ at YOU, sleeve designers for Jimi Hendrix, Roxy Music, Blind Faith,
etc. Come to think of it – let’s test the Facebook censors right now with the
below image of the original sleeve art for Blind Faith’s self-titled debut (if
you have to ask what year, you’re not old enough to look at it, kid). We shall
duly post this news item to our Facebook page immediately after posting it to the BLURT


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