Huge Elvis Museum Opens… in Dusseldorf!

Forget visiting Graceland for Christmas. Hey, with the value of the Euro
currently in the toilet, now’s a good time to book that plane flight to Germany!


By Blurt Staff


Elvis is definitely in the building — in Germany — featuring the largest private
collection of memorabilia outside the US. Presley’s public and inner life
are documented, with a special focus on his years as a soldier in Germany, in
1,800 pieces from his career and 2,000 original pictures and writings, with
many pieces on display for the first time.  

Düsseldorf, Germany — A new museum housing one of the world’s largest private
collections of Elvis Presley memorabilia, and the largest outside of the US, is
now open to the public and offers new insights into his professional and
private life with pieces that have never before been shown in public. The
museum is a new attraction in Düsseldorf’s center, the historic Old Town,
home to several world-class museums and the “longest bar in the world” (260
bars, pubs, and breweries in under a mile).

The extensive collection sheds new light on the artist’s career during the
1940s-70s, with more than 1,800 original pieces and documents, among them his
first order for a single and his transfer papers from Sun Records to RCA Victor
at a fee of $40,000, an astonishing amount at the time and a move that
contributed to his becoming a superstar.

The exhibit also illuminates little-known aspects of his inner life, such as
his humor, faith, and intellect, and offers signs and explanations of his
personal development in visual arts and spirituality.  Examples include
personal notes he made in his favorite book The Prophet, by the philosopher
Khalil Gibran, as well as his mother’s journal entries and the personal
appointment book he kept in 1959 in
Bad Nauheim, Germany.

The museum owns a great deal of memorabilia from the time Presley spent in
Germany, serving in the army from 1958-60, including items Presley left behind
when he returned to the US in 1960, such as jewelry, furniture, clothing, and
other home and personal objects. The records he had shipped to himself from the
US to Germany, for
example, reveal his personal taste in music at the time, and documents and
letters from those years reveal his thoughts and emotions.

The exhibit also includes 2,000 original photographs that show stations of
Presley’s entire life, and even includes his last hand-written letter from
August 15, 1977.  Various aspects of his life will be highlighted with
changing configurations and showcases of this extensive collection.

For more information on the new Elvis
Presley Museum
in Düsseldorf and exhibit hours, visit



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