Howe Gelb Talks Chesnutt, Rainer & More


Giant Sand mainman is
never at a loss for words when you’re talkin’ music.


By Fred Mills


National journalist Frances Figart recently interviewed
Giant Sand’s Howe Gelb about his long, illustrious journey through music. It’s
a lengthy, in-depth discussion – and
well-worth reading at Figart’s blog.


Of particular note: Gelb reminisces about two late friends
and collaborators, Tucson slide guitarist
extraordinaire Rainer Ptacek, and Georgia iconoclast Vic Chesnutt.


Of Ptacek, Gelb notes, “All Rainer and I ever verbally
agreed to was to make a music that would not embarrass us 20 years into the
future. So we took our cues from strident elements of historical proportions
and mixed them up with a state of exploratory endeavors that would serve the
future the way we noticed it had gone on long before us.” Which, if you know
Gelb (or knew Rainer, as I’m proud to say I myself did), makes absolute sense.


Reflecting on Chesnutt, who passed away 2 years ago on Christmas, he says, “Vic was the greatest
American singer songwriter I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. He was the
only true definition of the term I have ever witnessed. His songs were
monsters, meaning massive wondrous plunks of existence, and his voice was
impossibly enormous and soulful beyond measure.” Amen to that as well.


Check out the full interview right here.




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