Guided By Voices Plays Letterman Jan. 3


Link to the entire
album streaming online, below.


By Blurt Staff


After a fifteen year hiatus,
the “classic line up” of Guided By Voices finished off its year-long
reunion tour by recording an album of 21 new songs, making a deliberate effort
to return to what bandleader Robert Pollard calls the
“semi-collegial” approach of iconic GBV albums like Bee Thousand and Alien Lanes. Let’s Go Eat The Factory is some kind of
return to form: sprawling, variegated, and yet still recognizably and
coherently Guided By Voices in both its literal and mythic senses.


To celebrate the release
of Let’s Go Eat The Factory, Guided By Voices will be making
a rare appearance on  Late Show With
David Letterman
on January 3.


Watch the BLURT site next
week for our review of the album. Meanwhile, you can hear the entire record
streaming for free at the NPR Music site.


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