Cocteau Twins Get White-Vinyl LP Reissue


You may be out of luck
if you live in the US,


By Fred Mills


Back in the summer of 2010 the Cocteau Twins reissued their
first three, seminal albums Garlands, Head Over Heels and Treasure (1982, ’83 and ’84 respectively)
as a limited edition 5LP vinyl box. Now comes word (via Slicing Up Eyeballs)
that Beggars Archive is prepping a white vinyl, 2LP reissue of 2000’s Stars And Topsoil: A Collection (1982-1990) ,
which cherry picked 18 key tracks from the band’s 4AD label era.


It’s due Feb. 6. Bizarrely, however, only the UK edition will be on white wax; the
corresponding US
release will be on garden variety black. Bummer. Well, that’s what they made for, eh fans? And the exchange rate is pretty good at the moment…




LP 1
1. “Blind Dumb Deaf”
2. “Sugar Hiccup”
3. “My Love Paramour”
4. “Pearly-Dewdrops’ Drops”
5. “Lorelei”
6. “Pandora”
7. “Aikea-Guinea”
8. “Pink Orange Red”
9. “Pale Clouded White”

LP 2
1. “Lazy Calm”
2. “The Thinner The Air”
3. “Orange
4. “Cico Buff”
5. “Carolyn’s Fingers”
6. “Fifty-Fifty Clown”
7. “Iceblink Luck”
8. “Heaven or Las Vegas”
9. “Watchlar”




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