Cesaria Evora R.I.P. 1941-2011


Acclaimed world music
vocalist was 70.


From an official press
Cesaria Evora, the Cape Verdean singer, also known as “the barefoot diva,”
passed away on Saturday, December 17th (at 11:45 am local time) at Baptista de Sousa hospital in Mindelo
Cape Verde, as announced by Cape Verdean
minister of culture Mario Lucio Sousa.

The world famous singer died at 70 on her native island of Sao Vicente
about three months after retiring from the stage. She had been suffering health
issues for a while and had had a few surgeries over the past few years,
including an open-heart operation in May 2010.

“I don’t have the strength, the energy anymore. I want you to tell my fans that
I’m sorry but I have to rest now. I am sorry I have to retire because of health
issues. I wish I could have given pleasure to those who follow me for much more
time” she had told French newspaper Le
when she announced her retirement last September

She was in good shape on stage at the Parisian venue Grand Rex in April 2011
but her unhealthy heart, which had failed several times, forced her to give up
her main addiction, which was touring.

“Life goes on. I came to you, I tried my best and I had a career that many
would dream of,” she had told Véronique Mortaigne from Le Monde.

The Cape Verdean government declared 48 hours of
national mourning to the singer. President Jorge Carlos Fonseca said she was
“one of the main references of Cape
Verdean culture.” Cesaria
Evora will be buried Tuesday in Mindelo.



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