B&S’ Murdoch Mounts Kickstarter Campaign for Film


Whether you fancy
becoming an actor in an indie film or simply want a tour of Glasgow, this one’s for you, geeks!


By Blurt Staff


Pitchfork is reporting that Belle and Sebastian frontman
Stuart Murdoch has initiated a fundraising campaign through Kickstarter in
order to finance the film he’s trying to get off the ground. Titled God Help the Girl, it’s an outgrowth of
his B&S offshoot project God Help the Girls, which had a 2009 album and EP.


According to the report, Murdoch is working with L.A. producer Barry Mendel (Bridesmaids, Munich, The Royal
, The Sixth SenseRushmore). Premiums associated with the Kickstarter
campaign include enamel buttons, autographed posters, “bound copies of the
script,” a guitar slated to be used in the film, an actual walk-on role in the
film, and a dinner date with Murdoch that includes a tour of Glasgow. No doubt the latter two goodies slot
in at the higher tiers of contributions…


As of this writing
the campaign was 14% funded ($14,631 pledged) with 58 days to go. The official
description reads thusly:


“God Help The Girl is a musical film written and to be
directed by Stuart Murdoch, leader of Belle and Sebastian. Set in
Glasgow, Scotland over a long, lazy
summer, the film is about a girl called Eve who is in hospital dealing with
some emotional problems and starts writing songs as a way of getting better.
 Her music leads her to a guy called James and a girl called Cassie each
with talents and musical dreams of their own.  The story emanates from the
universal idea of having a dream and how living it can free you from your troubles.” 


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