Brian Wilson Gives Fans Free Xmas Gift


Version of “Little
Saint Nick” that was left off this year’s Christmas album reissue.


By Fred Mills


Long suffering Beach Boys fans got a special gift this week
from BB maestro Brian Wilson: the original, more-or-less unreleased version of “Little
Saint Nick” from 1963 that was cut prior to the ’64 recording sessions that
would yield 1964’s The Beach Boys’
Christmas Album


has posted the track at his blog,
noting that he “later took
this backing track and used it as the foundation for the song ‘Drive In’ for
the 1964 All Summer Long album.
 This version with the ‘Little St. Nick’ lyrics remained unreleased until
Mark Linett discovered it while preparing the first CD releases of the Capitol
Beach Boys catalog, and it first saw the light of day as a bonus track on a now
out of print CD edition of The Beach Boys Christmas Album.”


As you may remember, Capitol reissued the band’s back
catalog in 1992, and the CDs typically included a slew of bonus tracks – but after
those editions went out of print and Capitol got around to a fresh round of
reissues, the extra material went missing. That’s the case with this year’s CD
reissue of the holiday record; it reproduces the 12-song tracklisting of the
original ’64 LP, with no added bonuses, whereas the ‘92 CD had 16 cuts.


Listen to the “Little St.
Nick” tune at the above link. The Beach Boys recently announced a 50th anniversary reunion tour (with Brian included) plus a studio album for 2012.


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