Video: Wax Poetics’ New Kendra Morris


It’ll make you forget
those Lana Del Rey vids pretty quickly…


By Blurt Staff


This has gotta be one of our favorite new songs – that
spookysexycool “Concrete Waves” by NYC soul songstress Kendra Morris. Shot on
location in the city by director Nick Sasso, it’s “a tale of obsessive love
gone bad.” Her debut for the Wax Poetics label, the song is from her
forthcoming album, due next spring. You can purchase the single/EP for
“Concrete Waves” at Wax Poetics, natch.



Kendra Morris “Concrete Waves” from Wax Poetics on Vimeo.



” ‘Concrete Waves’ is about going after something that is so wrong,”
says Morris, “but it feels so good, and you go ahead and do it anyways. You
ride that wave, and the high it gives you is incredible, but eventually you
hit a crack in the pavement and are bound to spill.”


“Our little secret for the past year,” says Wax Poetics co-chief Andre
Torres. “We’re excited to finally present Kendra Morris to the rest of the
world. After meeting Kendra and discussing her plans for the future, we
knew we wanted to be a part of it. Watching her develop as an artist over
these past months has been one of the highlights of our first decade at Wax
Poetics. With the new Serato single and epic video for ‘Concrete Waves,’ we
set the stage for a new powerhouse on the music scene.”



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