School Of Seven Bells Tell a Ghostory


New album arrives at
the end of next February.


By Blurt Staff


School Of Seven Bells‘ third album, Ghostory, is out February 28 on Vagrant/Ghostly International. Formerly
a trio, they are now a duo: guitarist/producer Benjamin Curtis and vocalist Alejandra Deheza.


Recorded in between tours, Ghostory is described by the label thusly: “The familiar ethereal
and enigmatic tones are omnipresent, surrounded by layers of influences from
‘80s pop, shoegaze and ambient electronic sounds. However, Ghostory comes with a story in mind; the tale of a young girl named
Lafaye and the ghosts that surround her life.”


“Everyone has ghosts”, says Deheza; “They’re every love
you’ve ever had, every hurt, every betrayal, every heartbreak. They follow you,
stay with you.”


Ghostory is our
most collaborative music to date,” adds Curtis, “Alley (Alejandra) and I have
always written our music together, but always independently and on our own
time. We knew we wanted to do something that was more sensual and spontaneous
than anything we had ever done before, and that meant writing together in a
room, coming up with ideas quickly and immediately reacting to what the other
person was doing.”


The backstory: School Of Seven Bells formed in 2006 as a trio
(including Claudia Deheza) and released their debut full-length, Alpinisms, on Ghostly International in 2008. The group’s appeal grew exponentially, with their
signature sounds stemming from pieces of electronic subgenres and shoegaze
bands before them. By 2010, the group released the critically acclaimed Disconnect From Desire on Ghostly
International and Vagrant.


[Photo Credit: Justin Hollar]


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